LED Emergency Lighting

The importance of emergency lighting in a building is of vital importance in the event of fire, flood or complete mains failure.

energy assess 1
emergency lighting 2

The impact this can have on operations and staff in either event is guaranteed almost to be severe therefore cannot be ignored and businesses must comply with building regulations.

Emergency lighting operates as a maintained or non maintained fitting.

Maintained meaning that the emergency light will operate as a normal light controlled by all other lights in their group and when the power fails the emergency light will become operative ensuring escape routes are illuminated.

Non maintained meaning that the emergency light will be a stand alone unit and will become operative when the power fails providing illumination to escape routes, these units can come in various forms for example:

Recessed down light

Twin Spot

Square or Round bulkhead

All fire exit signs to be illuminated by Led so people are aware of the nearest exit in the event of fire, flood or complete power failure.

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