Energy Assessment

As part of our site survey we will provide a detailed energy report based on the existing lighting operation.

Factual information will be taken from a particular application for example:

Industry – Industrial, Steel works, office, internal or external

Applications – Sports Pitch, Welding, Production, General office, Technical drawing office, Conference room, Retail Shop, Hotels.

Existing lighting set up – Are the existing fittings suiting purpose or is there wasted light, do we need to reduce fittings and re-position to ensure the area is illuminated and there is no wasted light. Let’s get smart and think do we need all the lights switched on in certain areas if they are not in use. Let’s look at introducing occupancy sensors, present detectors all of which will ensure the luminaries will come on when the area needs to be occupied and switch off when nobody is present therefore reducing energy consumption and cost.

Manage operation times for the business to produce accurate annual energy use and consumption of existing fittings.

Specifying the correct product to suite the application which will be supported by a complete lighting plan which will evidence lighting levels required for a specific area.

Manage glare factor – this will be achieved by producing a lighting plan taking into account all factors which can contribute towards glare

Emergency lighting will be specified to comply with building regulations.

The report will provide a full understanding of the existing lighting units in terms of annual energy consumption, cost, maintenance factor and carbon emission contribution, followed by our specification of product which will confirm Eav Lux, reduction in energy consumption, maintenance cost and carbon emissions therefore giving the client complete peace of mind to make an informed decision to go ahead with the project.

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