Exterior LED Lighting

The exterior lighting forms a vital role for a business in terms of security, car park, street lighting and general illumination for a store front entrance.

Car park’s and their walkways need to be illuminated sufficiently to ensure staff or customers alike can see adequately whilst walking to and from their car from the office or shopping stores giving reassurance that their safe well being is taking priority.

A building entrance requires sufficient illumination to make it look inviting for customer to walk in, there is nothing worse than inadequate lighting for shop front entrance which can make a customer think it’s closed and walk straight passed to the next shop possibly loosing out on business.

External lighting for a wide range of buildings and shops can be produced for security measure/deterrent whilst they are operational or non operational through the night. The luminaries can be operative 24 hours , can be linked up to a timer to ensure the desired area is illuminated from certain times or can have a photocell built in which will turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn.

We can specify the correct luminaries and controls to suite any requirement our customer has to give complete peace of mind.

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Led Neon are a leading UK supplier of LED products for all types of lighting applications. We can assist its clients with all aspects of lighting, specialising in energy efficient state of the art Led lighting.

Led Neon only offers fully certified products and we pride ourselves with stocking and recommending a large number of UK made and manufactured products.

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