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As energy management consultants, our objective is to provide clients with sound, professional advice and a range of energy management and carbon reduction solutions to generate cost savings.

Led Neon has a proven track record across many sectors of offering the support, advice and services required in just about all known fields of energy management.

Specialising in Led lighting we have grown to adopt many of the key chosen additional energy conservation practices such as:

  • Awareness and education – making staff aware of the need to save energy can reduce costs significantly
  • Lighting – we identify the most appropriate solution and produce a design for replacement lighting along with the supply and installation offering a complete turn key solution

To further benefit our clients Led Neon has a range of tailored funding options available to allow for the savings made to fund the project and often allowing for a 0% APR and a cash positive position from the start because the funding is normally structured to ensure that energy cost savings are greater than the repayments. The average return on investment is within 36 months with many clients seeing returns within 12 months.

Our team of professionals are all experts in their chosen fields and are backed by highly qualified engineers and will always provide specialist solutions and advice to our clients. We are not tied to any particular product manufacturer but have investigated our suppliers in depth and offer “best in class” solutions.

Our success has been built on;

  • Our ability to identify and clearly understand client needs
  • Meticulous quality control
  • Attention to detail with a transparent and open book management style
  • Ongoing client aftercare
  • We pride ourselves on providing low cost and high quality products, services and solutions.
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Led Neon Ltd guarantee to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, carbon credit bill and energy costs.

As energy consultants, our objective is to provide you with best in class professional advice and a range of energy management and carbon reduction solutions, which will deliver major cost savings.

We undertake a free energy survey covering lighting, heating/steam, electric motors, refrigeration, compressed air , Solar and other technologies. Our comprehensive report identifies those areas where energy/cost savings can be achieved and provides detailed solutions showing:

  • Annual energy cost saving
  • Annual carbon savings – tonnes
  • Investment cost
  • Payback – ROI
  • Implementation – strategy/project management
  • Our highly qualified engineers provide specialist solutions and undertake major capital projects for all site services including ancillary plant. We are not tied to any particular product manufacturer but have investigated our suppliers in depth and believe that we offer “best in class” products. This enables us to provide you with options and in some cases multiple suitable products from a number of our manufacturers, giving you a choice to make with our guidance showing you the relevant pros and cons to all options.

Reduction Financing Scheme

Lighting currently accounts for up to 80% of some businesses energy consumption; by switching to Led lighting a business can achieve results in energy savings of 60-90%.

In addition to the energy saving there is also a 70-90% reduction in maintenance costs during the life of the Led lighting installed.

We here at Led Neon understand that quality Led lighting is more expensive than traditional fluorescent and metal halide based lighting options, forcing many companies to delay the change to Led until they have the ability to pay for the switch over.

Led Neon is proud to announce the launch in 2012 of its tailored funding solutions for the supply and installation of market leading Led lighting.

This scheme will allow your business to switch over to ultra efficient Led lighting without having to utilise any capital expenditure budget or tying up valuable cash flow.

Led Neon can offer a truly independent, tailored solution based on the merits of each individual client. Utilising our partners within our network we can and will find you the best solution both in product, warranty, installation and funding. We will also work with you to highlight the significant tax benefits that are available to businesses of whom wish to commit to this solution.

We can supply the correct tailored Led lighting to your business and the repayments are made from the energy and maintenance savings achieved by the project switchover. In fact we can often structure the repayments so that the monthly payments are LESS than the energy and maintenance savings. YES, we can put money back into your business every month leaving you cash positive on your current budget!

Led Neon is a UK business utilising UK / European designed and manufactured products that have all of the appropriate certification and insurances along with full warranty packages to cover the length of the funding option agreed or longer in some cases.

With this kind of viable commercial funding / leasing available now is the time to commit to going green, now is the time to save money in the current climate and now is the time to improve your businesses infrastructure and send the right message to all, that you care, you are committed and are financially astute.

We have listened to the issues and the concerns of businesses over the past few years and we have now delivered the solution, no up front costs, no capital outlay, reduction in energy and maintenance costs and the ability to pay back using a fraction agreed from the savings.

The question truly is “If not now, when”?

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Led Neon are a leading UK supplier of LED products for all types of lighting applications. We can assist its clients with all aspects of lighting, specialising in energy efficient state of the art Led lighting.

Led Neon only offers fully certified products and we pride ourselves with stocking and recommending a large number of UK made and manufactured products.

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